Is it possible to have too much transparency in journalism? — WNewsNetwork

Former FBI Director James Comey was doing the rounds of TV studios this week to promote his new book, A Higher Loyalty. First up was ABC News and an interview with George Stephanopoulos that lasted nearly five hours. What viewers saw,

via Is it possible to have too much transparency in journalism? — WNewsNetwork

Week 4 Blog

Welcome everyone to the JLM 401: Media Ethics in Contemporary Society blog site!

Each student is required to submit an initial blog post of between 200-300 words including at least ONE cited source from your readings/textbook.  For topics, please refer to your syllabus.  In order for an assignment to be graded complete, you are also required to reply to at least ONE peer.  Remember, while blogs are meant to be more conversational, this is still an academic forum.  Please use respectful language.  As you will be required to monitor this blog site, also be sure to exercise courtesy to your classmates and respond to those who have not yet received a response before giving someone a second response.


Consider the online “communities” you have joined based on your interests.  Consider how you might be tailoring your RSS and digital news feeds to make sure you don’t miss news about the topics that concern you most.  How does such activity widen your horizons and at the same time, limit your exposure to the world?