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I believe more than anything that the audience should be considered when writing in this line of work so this question isn’t that challenging.  it’s also something to consider when writing cause in this line of work people are looking to us to tell the information clearly and effectively and if that’s not done then what’s the point to our jobs. even if you put the need of the audience ahead your not going to please everyone. there will always be people who will curse, despise, and overall hate the things you do and stand for when writing. there are benefits to this you would know who to write for and have a better understanding of your specific audiences and you would know ahead of time on what would set them off vs what would please them. the ramifications would adapt depending on the story, the target audience, and the overall structure of the story not to mention the thoughts of the interviewees. all this in mind yes this is the first thing that i would think about when writing my story or piece because we are writing for the people and it’s good to know how they will react.



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Chris Week 14

After reading about what happen I can honestly say that I would be on the fence about this, but only to a degree. if I was station at the moment where it happen then yes I would take pictures of everything because the world needs to know about the issue at hand and has to do something about it.

I also know that I will get serious heat because of this and that not everyone will agree with my decision even if I got permission from the organization. I can see where the family is coming from with them not wanting pictures of there son being shown in that condition and I would have the same responses if someone of my clan was hurt. however it loops back to what I was saying prior because these are the effects of war and this needs to get out there. and just because I got the go ahead from the marines doesn’t make it right to the family. I would agree that no matter what choice I make in regards to the pictures there will always be people who do not support my decision and would rather not have any contacts with me.

Another topic to think about me at least would be the very ethics of photography itself and to really understand it’s importance



Chris Week 11

There’s a lot of fake news out there and one of the things that really sticks out to me is just why? to me we live where a simple game of misconduct, misdirection, trolling, and fabricating news has become a norm that now we sometimes don’t know if what we’re watching is real or not. another thing that really ticks me off is how some people just do it because they really have nothing better to do or they do it to get a reaction out of people and not knowing what their actions will do in the future.


On a website that was highlighted on the blog assignment I came across a fake news story that really made me do a double take and that was when a website stated that Pope Francis shocked the world by endorsing Donald trump for president. uhhhhh really cause that’s not even true, but it just highlights what I previously said and some people don’t think about their actions and just do this cause they can. I feel that this does discredit the real journalist who are trying to get the truth, but are being tie down by these people.

Some examples that I can think of on how to spot fake news would be to first see their information and their sources, while also looking if what their putting on is going on an actual website and not someone made up.



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Christopher Patterson


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Some rules that I can think of because this has happen for a while that I’ve seen in that is it creditable? Is it information that is truth and not someone that is either lying to get attention or is trolling you because they have no life. I would say you should walk a line between the two only because I like staying neutral on things. On one hand I feel like if you already got more than enough information for your topic than you can mention them in your work and move on. On the other hand if I need additional information than I would use little information from my online source, but still credit them for the original material.


I believed that there should be due to them giving you the information for your story so keep at a business relationship. If your being real piece of work towards your sources than chances are there not going to help you anymore with your work.


Again it loops around to there should be like a written guideline. I feel like one of those rules should be to always credit the original source. There should be others and writers as a whole should follow them so they get the truth out effectively and on time.

Blog Week 7

Christopher Patterson

There were many stories and images that would otherwise disturbed/offend a person, but the one that drew the attention would be the destruction of Hurricane Michael. I read that it made ground near Mexico Beach, Florida as an intense category 4 hurricane.


This hurricane became the strongest to ever hit that area in history with winds clocking at 155 mph. as I kept reading some reporters from major news outlets kept saying to stay indoors. So many people are without power and many more are under evacuation orders. This hurricane is effecting the lives of many people for the worse in my eyes.


This on a personal level really does offend me as I put myself in their situation and wonder what I would do if I’m living in their shoes. How would I survive? Do I put the needs of many over my family? Would it be the other way around? It these questions that really makes a person wonder on what’s right and wrong. I do consider this harmful only because so many people are being affected by it and who really knows when the next big disaster will strike and how many people will be affected by that.


I would say that the news on the hurricane would be culturally based because once again there are people living that area in Florida bearing the brunt of the storm. This again effects everyone living in that area. I say it’s pretty horrible I just reeling from the destruction of a previous hurricane this same year, another one just as worst comes in. I take this time to send my thoughts and prayers to those people and that those can move past it. The images that I came across in the story were very enlightening and eye-opening.