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I believe more than anything that the audience should be considered when writing in this line of work so this question isn’t that challenging.  it’s also something to consider when writing cause in this line of work people are looking to us to tell the information clearly and effectively and if that’s not done then what’s the point to our jobs. even if you put the need of the audience ahead your not going to please everyone. there will always be people who will curse, despise, and overall hate the things you do and stand for when writing. there are benefits to this you would know who to write for and have a better understanding of your specific audiences and you would know ahead of time on what would set them off vs what would please them. the ramifications would adapt depending on the story, the target audience, and the overall structure of the story not to mention the thoughts of the interviewees. all this in mind yes this is the first thing that i would think about when writing my story or piece because we are writing for the people and it’s good to know how they will react.



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