Week 15 blog- Maggie Reid

In the newsroom, the audience should be considered, however, not so much that the only information being released is entirely just what the public wants to hear, rather than should. There needs to be a balance, so to speak.

With analytics, news outlets can see what audiences are viewing the most on their websites. You can learn from the audience. A good point I found was that journalists should be accessible so that the community can message them. Their email/ work social handles should be on the news website, for example. On the newspapers even, there should be a contact listed. That way, the audience is able to contact the paper or a specific editor with information about a possible story for example.

You should go to community events, and look on social media, to see what your audience is interested about and what they want to see. If nobody is interested in what is being written, then the newspaper will not be successful. The newspaper should figure out who is reading it. You can use analytics to find out a lot of info about your readers, such as age, gender, and so on.

A benefit of considering the community is that you are able to figure out what they are interested in, which can lead to more viewership. The audience can help you find out information you might not have found out about on your own, which is another benefit.

A possible ramification could be shifting the newspaper to a certain side in order to appeal more to your audience. Yes, it is important to consider the audience, but not if it is going to make the paper biased and opinionated. There needs to be a balance also, like was said in our online reading, between what the audience wants to know and needs to know. There shouldn’t be too much of what the audience wants to know, for example.

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2 thoughts on “Week 15 blog- Maggie Reid”

  1. Maggie, I agree with you on all fronts. While it is important to appeal to your audience, you also cannot do it to the point where you are regurgitating what they want to hear. After all, journalists are supposed to be fair and balanced. While a news organization should serve its readers, I think it is the job of an editor to balance audience interest with journalistic integrity and reporting for the “greater good” of society.


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