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In order to be a successful news organization no matter what your topic is, the audience is your most important aspect in keeping the company running. For newspapers you should always consider what the audience may think about a story before you post it for many reasons. If you do something that your audience doesn’t like it could result in, you losing your audience and without and audience you don’t sell papers and if you don’t sell papers you don’t have a business. Some things that may have a positive effect on your business could also have a negative impact at the exact same time.

According to an article titled “Sourcing the Sources” on; changes in technology, changes in audience relationships, and innovation attributes are all three things that your audience should play a part in when making editorial decisions. Being that we are in 2018, most newspaper companies have already made the jump to where they produce paper copies and now online copies of the daily paper. The benefits are that you can now produce as much content as you want whenever you want without any limits because you are on the internet and not paper, the downside is that some of the loyal readers of your company may start to not read the paper anymore because they aren’t as good with technology and it becomes harder for them to access the paper. Changes in audience relationships and Innovation attributes can almost go together because with this ever changing society peoples views area always going to be different and changing, and so it becomes much more important to your audience that you get them the real factual information because fake news could ruin your business.

Sourcing the Sources. (2018, September 20). Retrieved December 3, 2018, from

2 thoughts on “Audience Blog Post”

  1. Hello Daniel, your post focusses a lot on the fact that the newspapers are businesses. While I agree with this as a reasoning for paying attention to the audience, I think that if a newspaper feels the need to focus too heavily on the business aspect, then they are automatically a less reliable source. I think a failing newspaper is likely to be less autonomous. It is likely to grasp at anything that will make money, like selling front page advertisement spots to buyers with absurd messages. Ultimately, I opine that wealthier news organizations can afford to have less consideration for their audience’s wants.


    1. Thanks for bringing in a few week’s worth of lessons ! 🙂 I agree with Alex news is business but there are still rules we must function under for the “greater good” of society. That means we’ve got some philosophy/morals coming into play in our ethical decisions, don’t we?


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