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Just as fans of movies and television shows can potentially play a role in what the produce decides to do, editors may consider the communities (audiences) in their stories.

Why should audiences be considered in editorial decisions? Well, news circulates around the community and those who live in a certain community know it very well and have the potential to help journalists do their job. In the book it talks about the violence after the Rodney King beating and how news organizations looked to get beyond the daily reports of violence. What the paper in Akron, Ohio did was organize a nonprofit group called Coming Together and the activism paid off. The paper made a difference because the audience was considered in the editorial decision.

However, this example is also why audiences should not be considered in editorial decisions. Such as the book mentioned, many critics wondered if the paper crossed the line by abandoning their role as an impartial observer and became cheerleader journalism. What the paper did was good-hearted in many ways. However, consider another example from the book. What if a southern newspaper took a similar activist stand in the segregated 1960s, would they have been more accommodating towards white establishment or search for common ground of separate but equal?

Although there are situations where it is good to take audience into account in editorial decisions, there are others in which they shouldn’t to avoid backlash.

One thought on “Adam Week 15 Blog”

  1. Fear or no fear. You’re right sometimes it’s a fine line in considering how our audience will react to something and what our responsibilities are in telling the whole story. You’ll never please everyone and that’s easy to say, but it’s not our job, is it? Maybe that’s why journalists will always be right up there with divorce lawyers and IRS agents.


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