Week 14 blog: ‘Covering the Moment of Death in War’

After going over the story in our textbook and thinking if I would publish the photos of Lance Cpl. Bernard, I came to the realization that it is hurtful to publish them from the Marines’ families perspectives. Family of Lance of course wouldn’t want people to see how much he suffered, but I think from a whole whole perspective that publishing the photo is ethical and the right choice. Not only does it give great credibility to the writer, but it also shows the real disasters war causes as the text on page 180 says it shows the ‘real consequences of war.’ If my boss were to tell me to snap a real life picture to capture the true horror of war then I don’t think it would be necessary for me to get the OK from the Marines. The way I look at it is, I have a job and I’m gonna do my best to report true news and back myself up by having real hard evidence to show I am speaking the truth.

3 thoughts on “Week 14 blog: ‘Covering the Moment of Death in War’”

  1. Mike where’s your cited source? The photo most definitely shows the consequences of war, but we see blood and I’ve read in other sources that Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard lost his leg. Would you consider cropping/altering this photo for publication? Also, Adam mentioned that he would never publish the photo of a body (dead is redundant 🙂 ) However, when this photo was taken, the Marine hadn’t died yet. Do you think that makes a difference?

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    1. I think that showing the picture is still necessary, just like the reading says, AP’s Jacobson confirmed her pictures with another Marine and there were “no complaints.” The other Marine wasn’t disgusted nor against her having that.

      I do believe that if it’s a corpse compared to a live body, then it makes a difference. The only difference it would make for me is to talk to family or not. If the Marine has survived then I would just post it without talking to them because I have the rights to have that photo and it sends out a message of what it’s like to go through war and survive with a lost leg. But if he dies, then I would still post it to send out a message of what war leads to and what it’s like to have mine sacrifice their lives in combat.

      However, Adam does make some good points, but I personally don’t see anything wrong with posting it either way because it would send out a world-wide message to many readers. Some stories must have “real life” pictures to put things in perspective, and I think this is one of those things.

      Source: Media Ethics Book


    2. By the way I am going to reply to Adams to count as another one because I’m not feeling well so I may use my last and second miss for today. I’d reply to Adam that way it can count as writing a journal or blog.


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