Fruit for thought Week 14 Bloggers…

Most of you felt the photo should not have been published not only out of respect for the family, but because he was a soldier who served his country and there should be a level of respect shown for him, and rightfully so.  But say this was a photo of a child killed by the Taliban or who was a suicide bomber?  Any change of thought?

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Adjunct Professor of Media Ethics in Contemporary Society at Utica College

One thought on “Fruit for thought Week 14 Bloggers…”

  1. If he photo was that of a child who was made to be a suicide bomber, I would still not post it. If the parents of this child are known taliban affliates, then not posting the photo is probabaly the safer thing to do. However, if they are good law abiding citizens I would also refrain from posting the image out of resect. The major factor here is the request from the parents not to post the image. An instance in which I would post it, is if in the parents arent in grieving or if they are only trying to preserve their own image.


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