Chris Week 14

After reading about what happen I can honestly say that I would be on the fence about this, but only to a degree. if I was station at the moment where it happen then yes I would take pictures of everything because the world needs to know about the issue at hand and has to do something about it.

I also know that I will get serious heat because of this and that not everyone will agree with my decision even if I got permission from the organization. I can see where the family is coming from with them not wanting pictures of there son being shown in that condition and I would have the same responses if someone of my clan was hurt. however it loops back to what I was saying prior because these are the effects of war and this needs to get out there. and just because I got the go ahead from the marines doesn’t make it right to the family. I would agree that no matter what choice I make in regards to the pictures there will always be people who do not support my decision and would rather not have any contacts with me.

Another topic to think about me at least would be the very ethics of photography itself and to really understand it’s importance



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