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Me personally, I would not have published the photo. The reason being is because Marine or not, I think it’s wrong to publish a picture of a wounded or dead body.

Given this situation, however, I believe it’s even more wrong. It seemed to be a gruesome picture so that alone would make me not want to publish it. Then I’d think of the family. I wouldn’t even need the father to ask me not to publish the picture like he did, I just wouldn’t because It’s pretty clear that a family won’t want to see a picture of their dead family member. Just as U.S. defense secretary Robert M. Gates said in the reading, why would the AP go against a families wishes knowing it would bring the young man more anguish?

The OK from the Marines would not have made a difference to me either.  I get that maybe they would want to show what war really looks like and that Bernard was family to them in a sense. However, its all about blood family and respect to me and I think it is disrespectful to publish a photo of a dead soldier.

As far as conditions, there would be none in terms of me publishing this photo. I draw a pretty fine line when it comes to things like this and there would be nothing in this world that would make me want to publish the photo.

3 thoughts on “Adam week 14 blog”

  1. Adam where’s your cited source? And capitalize Marines. And here’s a thought…celebrities give up a lot of their privacy, so they say, in the name of fame. Do you think in this case, it could be seen (I know not by you, but hypothetically), that being a soldier defending his country, is he or she expected to give up their right to privacy, maybe at least in this case?


    1. My mistake on the source and capitalization, I thought the story itself was the source so I’ll go in and tweak my post. But I follow what you’re saying in terms of how celebrities give up their privacy and how that can be compared with a soldier in this case. However, the difference I see there is that celebrities know what comes with the territory and whether they enjoy it or not they will be swarmed by media wherever they go. And they don’t necessarily give it up, it just happens and there is nothing they can do about it. With a solider I see it different. They join to serve and protect our country and they deal with actual life or death situations every day, they don’t sign up to have media follow their every move like they do with celebrities. If a soldier is wounded badly, such as in this case, and a picture is taken I think it’s disrespectful and that could be said about anyone…soldier, celebrity, civilian, etc. No matter the case I don’t see any comparison as to why it would be justified to take a picture of a wounded soldier, who turned out dead nonetheless, and publish it. But again, I see the point you made and it’s valid because the comparison could be made by someone else, just not me.


  2. Adam, you make valid points that can’t necessarily be disputed, but I thinks there’s a couple ways to look at this. If the journalist has the intention of sending out a message to show how war can’t be the solution to anything—it brings death and destruction to country’s. Writing the story may not be able to change the outcome of stopping war, but it can get people to start wanting to work on making a difference.


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