Chris Week 11

There’s a lot of fake news out there and one of the things that really sticks out to me is just why? to me we live where a simple game of misconduct, misdirection, trolling, and fabricating news has become a norm that now we sometimes don’t know if what we’re watching is real or not. another thing that really ticks me off is how some people just do it because they really have nothing better to do or they do it to get a reaction out of people and not knowing what their actions will do in the future.


On a website that was highlighted on the blog assignment I came across a fake news story that really made me do a double take and that was when a website stated that Pope Francis shocked the world by endorsing Donald trump for president. uhhhhh really cause that’s not even true, but it just highlights what I previously said and some people don’t think about their actions and just do this cause they can. I feel that this does discredit the real journalist who are trying to get the truth, but are being tie down by these people.

Some examples that I can think of on how to spot fake news would be to first see their information and their sources, while also looking if what their putting on is going on an actual website and not someone made up.



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