Mike Colegrove Week 11 Blog Post

The short story on Donald Trump, “Donald Trump sent his own plane to transport 200 stranded marines” is a perfect story on fake news and showing how it can discredit a journalist–so I chose this story for this weeks blog post.

It says, “The article claimed that back in 1991, a bunch of Marines had been left stranded after Operation Desert Storm, and that Donald Trump had found out about it and sent his own plane to collect them.” The key word from that quote that I pulled out was “claimed.” This is a bold statement to make in a story, especially when it’s claimed and now backed-up with solidified evidence.

The Washington Post fact-checked Sean Hannity’s article and they said it was slightly different than the real story. I’m not sure if Hannity would do this to get more people to read his story thinking he had the factual information, but at the end of the day, when credible sources fact-check you and expose you for fake news, it hurts your credibility and gives you absolutely no trust from readers or even any readers to read your story at all. The Washington post found out that Trump indeed picked up Marines, but it was not his personal plane that got them. Even though Hannity was right about him getting the Marines, it will make people question if it even is right and to go off other sources because they may know it was not his personal plane, so did he actually even pick them up?

The main was to fact-check on social media is to go through many other sources, mainly credible ones that you can trust, and see what they are saying. If a source that provides factual and genuine information 24/7, then you most likely will know it is true and you can go off of what that journalist is saying.

Finally, you can also go through other stories of Sean Hannity and try to find stories where you already know all the information to and you can see if the evidence he is providing is factual or fake. Odds are if he posted fakes news once, then he has done it multiple times.

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