Fake News Blog Week 11

After scrolling through the fake news options, I decided to look into the one that was titled “Donald Trump sent his own plane to transport 200 stranded marines”. The article was published by www.americanmilitarynews.com. The original article was removed by American Military News, but they did write another article about why it was removed and it mentions Sean Hannity’s tweet. While American Military News removed the article, Sean Hannity’s website still has the story up.


American Military News explained that the story that Hannity had been told was slightly different, that Trump did not send his own personal jet. A Boeing 727 was sent that was owned by Trump’s company, Trump Shuttle Inc. While the story wasn’t completely false, it does make it hard to believe stories that American Military News posts about Trump in the future. The fact that Sean Hannity also still has the story up despite the story being proven false also shows that maybe he doesn’t check fully for something to be fake news or if it’s true.




One thought on “Fake News Blog Week 11”

  1. That was my thought exactly, how could this guy keep the story up on his blog? If he was a responsible professional, he would print a correction on his blog, because no, that story isn’t entirely accurate, is it?


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