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The story about Donald Trump sending his personal plane to transport 200 stranded marines is a good example on fake news discredits journalists.

Although the story is made out to bring light to something Trump did, Sean Hannity, the author of the piece, stretched the truth just enough to change the entire outlook of the story, at least in my eyes.

Instead of saying a Trump-branded plane transported a number of stranded marines, Hannity ruined all of his credibility by claiming that Trump himself sent his plane to rescue these marines which never was the case. To make matters worse it was said that he had this article confirmed by Trump’s team which isn’t a good look for them either.

From the moment he was caught, Hannity can now never be trusted thanks to just one inaccurate article. If this were a true story it would make Trump seem like a hero for sending his personal plane. Instead, Hannity’s credibility is ruined for lying about something that in reality had very little to nothing to do with Trump himself.

As little of a deal as it sounds, this piece of fake news could have swayed people’s opinions about Trump to get them to vote for him because of such an act of kindness he committed. The best thing to do for fact checking news is check as many sources as you can. Google whatever it is you’re looking for and read away. If the majority of articles are alike, you know it’s probably true.

As for social media, make sure the source is verified or an already well credited source.

2 thoughts on “Adam Week 11 Blog”

  1. Good thoughts! Yeah it definitely could have swayed what people thought but in that situation that guy has to realize how much money trump has and that probably half the stuff with his name on it he doesn’t even have anything to do with or pay attention to. Almost laziness on that reporters part.


  2. Adam, you point out how as journalists, even as a blogger yourself, we can dig more into online sources by reading, reading and doing more reading to confirm. But then we’re still relying on someone else and how can we know or prove that they’re reliable sources? What else can we do to check our facts first before we go to publication?


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