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Christopher Patterson


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Some rules that I can think of because this has happen for a while that I’ve seen in that is it creditable? Is it information that is truth and not someone that is either lying to get attention or is trolling you because they have no life. I would say you should walk a line between the two only because I like staying neutral on things. On one hand I feel like if you already got more than enough information for your topic than you can mention them in your work and move on. On the other hand if I need additional information than I would use little information from my online source, but still credit them for the original material.


I believed that there should be due to them giving you the information for your story so keep at a business relationship. If your being real piece of work towards your sources than chances are there not going to help you anymore with your work.


Again it loops around to there should be like a written guideline. I feel like one of those rules should be to always credit the original source. There should be others and writers as a whole should follow them so they get the truth out effectively and on time.

One thought on “Blog 2”

  1. Chris, I’m not sure if you’re referring to Facebook or online sources in general. Of course we would have to attribute, but would you feel comfortable reaching out to a potential source through social media? Why or why not? And cite a source to back your claims.


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