Week 9 Blog

Personally, I do not believe that you should friend a source on Facebook for a few reasons that just don’t make sense to me. Facebook is a social media platform where you have so much of your personal information that I would be nervous to friend a source on Facebook because what if you anger them? They now know where you live, what you look like, where you work, and what your family members look like. That’s just to big of a risk that I’m not willing to take. Also, if a source is willing to allow you to friend them on Facebook, then they should be just as comfortable just giving their phone number to you for contact between the two of you. With a phone number there will be certain personal information that will not be shared and allows you to strictly talk about the story together. What happens when the story is done and over with? You don’t really know that person and Facebook is a social media site used to see what is going on with your family and friends. Not to befriend someone who will be a source for a story for a few months and then you will never see or need to hear from again.

According to an article on www.newsombudsmen.org, friending a source on Facebook could potentially effect a journalists credibility or even the papers credibility.


Source: https://www.newsombudsmen.org/facebook-friends-create-ethical-issues-for-journalists/

2 thoughts on “Week 9 Blog”

  1. Dan, could you elaborate on newsombudsmen.org’s take on “friending” sources. I like that you put your own personal conclusions in your post, but I’d like to see examples that support your argument, besides just mentioning the source. Thanks!


  2. Besides the fact you are potentially putting yourself in danger, “friending ” someone strictly for the purpose of gathering informaton on them is sketchy. For some people it is plainly unethical. My next thought is that I felt that given the scenario, the source of the story wouldnt be aware that the person , who happens to be a journalist, is friending them for the purpose of gathering information. I got the impression that this journlist is just trying to be covert in order to get information that couldnt be acquired otherwise.


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