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In the New York Times article “ The Democrats Have A Immigration Problem”, it talks about the Democratic party and what they are currently doing in order to keep their agenda alive. The Times not only says that this is the Trump administration’s problem but it is also theirs when it comes to finding a better solution for the recent immigration problem. To get the message across, the article described in horrifying details; what immigrants particularly women immigrants have to deal with when it comes to the process of getting asylum.

One of the issues the article tries to tackle is the issue of immigrant women not receiving the opportunity to make their claim. “The 174 women, having been denied initial interviews to determine whether their asylum claims merited their protection under international law, were instead piled onto airplanes and flown to the Pacific Northwest, where they were given slips of paper with their children’s names on them.” (NYT) With accusations such as this being made, it is hard for the public to not take it seriously. Which is why both sides need to take responsibility and fix the immigration problem.

Despite popular belief, the current immigration system was put in place under the Clinton administration back in 1997 with the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act which made it harder for illegal immigrants to stay in the country. Not only that, but there was an immigration crisis that took place in 2014 under the Obama administration in which immigrants were treated far worse than what is perceived today. Immigrants were put in cages and were also held in places that look like processing plants. Either way, both sides are guilty of this problem. The story is unsettling knowing that there are still problems at our border and they are going to continue as years go on by the looks of our political climate. the topic that is being discussed is not harmful to know and understand but the outcomes of either decision could be costly.


 As part of finding an article that is disturbing to know, here’s an article I found recently that discussed the themes.

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  1. James’ I wouldn’t say this story is disturbing. Yes it’s disturbing how these people are being treated, as immigrants and as women which brings at least two issues to light. But that is exactly what this story is. It’s about awareness. If they showed a photo of the conditions these women were held in and it was “disturbing” then maybe we could argue it’s potentially disturbing or harmful, but I even think, like the discussion about Time and National Geographic magazines last night, that the photos would have been necessary in telling the story.


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