Week 7 blog post

I had trouble coming up with a story for this weeks blog post because I wasn’t able to find anything that really offended me, but I came across a story from yesterday that seemed to be very harmful in the way it was told and how It gave names.

The story I had chosen is called “‘I lost the love of my life,’ says widow of New York limo driver involved in crash that killed 20.”

First off, the title comes out to be harmful and disrespecting to the Limo driver that lost his life that night of the accident. I also get the feeling that it’s targeting the driver of the limo and making it seem like he intentionally crashed the limo, leading to the death of 20 people, including himself.

In the reading, it says, “Scott Lisinicchia has a commercial drivers license but lacked the required passenger endorsement to drive 15 or more adult passengers…”

I understand it is showing he shouldn’t have had that many people in the car, but by mentioning the name of the driver in a news story, it targets his wife by all the people who see this and think he purposely took away 20 lives, including himself.

I understand the writer must get out the most important info he can, but there needs to be a balance of ethical news writing. Is it really necessary to mention his full name? There may be people furious about what happened to the point where they harass Kim, the wife of Scott, the limo driver.

Overall, this news story seemed extremely harmful to the drivers name and his wife, Kim. This puts a bad word on his corpse and potentially gets people looking for Kim and even harassing her over social media, causing her to have no choice, but to live in fear.


Bandler, Jonathan. “’I Lost the Love of My Life,’ Says Widow of New York Limo Driver Involved in Crash That Killed 20.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 10 Oct. 2018, http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/10/09/limo-driver-given-unsafe-vehicle-widow-lawyer-say/1583116002/.

One thought on “Week 7 blog post”

  1. Mike, it’s actually not an ethical issue to release the limo driver’s name, especially since the names of victims are coming out. And it actually was important to the story and “news” that he lacked the required passenger endorsement. This would be more of a look at the owners of the limo and how they failed in this tragedy. As reporters, we can’t be responsible for how someone is going to interpret or “read into” the news. However, that said, the story shouldn’t be slanted to make it look like blame was being placed on the driver. You would never report fault before an investigation was concluded and an official cause of the crash was determined and announced by an official police agency. It is extremely unfortunate in this case, however, that the widow has to suffer personal attacks. It wasn’t necessarily her husband’s fault – we don’t even know yet – and if so, it’s an accident, not an intentional crime. And it most definitely isn’t her fault because she isn’t even remotely involved.


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