Week 7 Blog Post

Like my fellow classmates I also found it very hard to find a article that was disturbing or offensive, but after searching around some recent events I found an article on the recent limo crash in New York that killed 20 people.

The article that I found is titled ‘Limousine in deadly New York crash that killed 20 was cited for ‘brakes out of service’. Now, this article comes off to me a just a disturbing article because 20 people lost their lives because a company and their driver didn’t follow the rules or pay attention to safety when they put so many young innocent lives in their hands. 

It was recently revealed that the limo had many issues with it and one big one was that the breaks were out of service as a failed break inspection revealed that 20% or more compromised on the vehicle. Another big issue with this crash that is very disturbing to me is the fact that the driver of the limo was not even qualified to be driving a commercial vehicle of that standard or be driving that many people around.


I would say that for the majority this article is really only harmful to the company itself because they are going to take a big blow and business it was just released that the owner of the company was just recently arrested but it has not been released yet what the charges are.

I think that this story is disturbing culturally because this is one of the most tragic things to happen in recent years and has made national news for something that happened in upstate New York. Lives were lost because of a carelessness of a company who is trying to deny that something was wrong with the breaks.

This is a story/event that no reporting is happy to have to report on, but it’s a story that needs to be reported on. The harm that have been caused on all of these victim’s families and the driver’s family because now his wife may be under scrutiny because of certain actions of the drivers. This why this is such a tough story to report on because you know you need to report it but when there is so much tragedy that it is going to affect many people especially locally since this happened in our state but at the same time you risk blaming people and talking bad about the company to the point where it ruins lives while also realizing what they did to innocent people because of their careless actions.

 Winter, Tom, and Dennis Romero. “Limousine in Deadly New York Crash That Killed 20 Was Cited for ‘Brakes out of Service’.” NBCNews.com, NBCUniversal News Group, 9 Oct. 2018, 7:33 PM, www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/limousine-deadly-new-york-crash-killed-20-was-cited-brakes-n918341.

One thought on “Week 7 Blog Post”

  1. Dan: “Lives were lost because of a carelessness of a company who is trying to deny that something was wrong with the breaks.” There’s nothing more black-and-white than that statement and why it was necessary to write this story. Yes this may harm the company, but it is necessary for us to report what they legally did wrong. After all, as you said, they were in charge of many innocent lives that were lost. And as I’m reading more and more on this today, yes I feel sorry for the driver’s wife, but it was also necessary to report that he didn’t have the proper license. All in all, there were tons of illegalities surrounding the operation of this limo company and they got away with it – until now. But a major tragedy and deaths had to happen for us to learn all this. This story is definitely for the greater good, which is what we’re going to be looking at in the near future when you view the film, “Spotlight.”


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