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Like my peers, I had a hard time finding a news story that offended me in great depths personally. However, I was annoyed that the stories of kneeling in the NFL continue to be published as the New York Times released an article of Carolina Panthers Safety Eric Reed kneeling during the National Anthem Sunday against the New York Giants.

While this article isn’t harmful, I feel as it is unnecessary to keep publishing stories like this when there is possibly another important story out there to report on. News readers, like myself, could see this and think “We seriously have to keep talking about this over and over again.” I understand that it’s important to update the topic, but it is unnecessary to point a single player out each time they kneel.

I am also annoyed with this article and with the whole topic of kneeling during the National Anthem in general because as sports fans, my dad and I are against the idea of athletes protesting and kneeling because it disrespects the flag and of many Americans would have fought their lives for our great country. I also feel that instead of protesting by kneeling, these athletes should speak up against issues as America is a country for the people. My dad was even against buying NFL jerseys after athletes started kneeling because he couldn’t support the NFL and teams letting their players kneel. When things seemed calmer and Trump stepped in to the situation, my dad bought me a Saquon Barkley jersey for my birthday.

However, I did like the part of the story when the writer mentions how Reed was a former teammate of Kaepernick to get the readers back to thinking about what Colin Kaepernick did. “Kaepernick, who has generally been given credit for starting the kneeling protests, initially sat on the sideline during the 2016 preseason. After Kaepernick decided to kneel instead — a decision he came to after meeting with Nate Boyer, a former Seahawk who had served in the Army’s special forces — Reid began kneeling beside him.”

I also understand that this article was published to show reactions from Kaepernick himself, but it could have also talked about what Kaepernick is doing after kneeling as to the Nike ad or anything else for speaking up about the issues he knelt for or if Reed and Kaepernick are planning to do something more about the issues than just kneeling

Overall, I think this New York Times article should be the end of writing on athletes kneeling for a while as it’s very redundant to write about every single athlete who kneels. Instead of focusing on strictly kneeling, write about the cause they are kneeling for or wait until something big comes out of kneeling.

What are your thoughts on the issue and should news outlets continue to publish stories on players kneeling?

Source: Belson, Ken, and Benjamin Hoffman. “Eric Reid Resumes Kneeling Protest During National Anthem.” The New York Times, 7 Oct. 2018, http://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/sports/eric-reid-national-anthem-kneeling.html?rref=collection/sectioncollection/sports.



Published by

Morgan Golliver

Senior at Utica College

One thought on “Week 7 Blog”

  1. Good for you Morgan for being a conscientious reporter and looking at this story from a different angle. To consider writing about every kneeling player would need to have some kind of prevalence because now it’s no longer such a unique thing and the potential harm could be taking away from the original intended message of Kaepernick’s cause. I agree, I think stories should focus on the cause and the issues surrounding it instead.


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