Blog Week 7

Christopher Patterson

There were many stories and images that would otherwise disturbed/offend a person, but the one that drew the attention would be the destruction of Hurricane Michael. I read that it made ground near Mexico Beach, Florida as an intense category 4 hurricane.


This hurricane became the strongest to ever hit that area in history with winds clocking at 155 mph. as I kept reading some reporters from major news outlets kept saying to stay indoors. So many people are without power and many more are under evacuation orders. This hurricane is effecting the lives of many people for the worse in my eyes.


This on a personal level really does offend me as I put myself in their situation and wonder what I would do if I’m living in their shoes. How would I survive? Do I put the needs of many over my family? Would it be the other way around? It these questions that really makes a person wonder on what’s right and wrong. I do consider this harmful only because so many people are being affected by it and who really knows when the next big disaster will strike and how many people will be affected by that.


I would say that the news on the hurricane would be culturally based because once again there are people living that area in Florida bearing the brunt of the storm. This again effects everyone living in that area. I say it’s pretty horrible I just reeling from the destruction of a previous hurricane this same year, another one just as worst comes in. I take this time to send my thoughts and prayers to those people and that those can move past it. The images that I came across in the story were very enlightening and eye-opening.







One thought on “Blog Week 7”

  1. Chris, but because lives are being affected by this storm is exactly why this story needs to be reported and why it’s necessary to publish photos and videos to tell the story of the destruction and the people who are going through it. You can say that if you reported to a home that was destroyed and a body was found inside, that it would be potentially harmful to show that in your footage.


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