Blog #2- Maggie Reid

Like some other classmates, I had a difficult time finding a news story that disturbed or offended me. I searched through many news sites and articles before I finally found one on, titled ‘‘Why I want everyone to see my dead pregnant wife and baby daughter lying in their coffin’.

 This article had graphic images, and although there was a warning up at the top of the article, it was still disturbing to see. The article shows pictures of Kincaid’s wife and infant daughter’s bodies in a coffin, as well as him holding his daughter. Under the picture of him holding his daughter, Avalynn, they put the caption “Zach with daughter Avalynn who died in the horror smash”, this comes off as tasteless, in my opinion. Using the word “smash” just seems very vulgar of a term to use to describe her death.

The husband, Kincaid, shared the images on social media, which is where the publication was able to then repost them on their article. I understand the reasoning behind the article, however. The husband wanted to show the world the devastation left behind due to the recklessness of a drunk driver, as well as petition for stricter laws. Because Avalynn was not born at the time she died, despite being less than a month from her due date, the man who killed her will not be charged with her death.

In the story, The Mirror said “the reigning World Boxing Federation International Super Bantamweight champ” to describe the boxer, Marcus Forestal, who killed Krystil and her daughter. He doesn’t deserve to have his titles in this article. Forestal also live streamed the crash, which was included in this story.  I believe this shouldn’t have been included, they also showed a picture of him winning a fight, which was tasteless. He is a murderer, what is the point in giving him recognition for past accomplishments?

In my opinion, it didn’t seem right to show that video in the article. This family has been through so much, and circulating that video even more than it should could end up causing more harm to them. In the video, according to the Daily Mail, he blames Krystil, and made no attempt to go get help.

Although these images were disturbing, they were also important, because they showed just how much devastation was caused because of Forestal drunk driving.  Over all, this was a disturbing article because it showed just how little concern Forrestal had human life.

In a way, I would say my response to this content is culturally based, because most people would find seeing a picture of a dead body graphic, even though they were in an open casket.

One thought on “Blog #2- Maggie Reid”

  1. Hi Maggie:
    I saw the link for this story when I was researching my own story for the blog. That’s where I found the story with the “strewn bodies” headline. Yes this is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to talking about harm. This story was tasteless, disturbing and harmful all the way around, especially it involving a child.


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